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The following sites are listed below for your convenience :

  • Federal Government pages, including the US Dept. of Ed.
  • State of Michigan pages, including the MI Dept. of Ed.
  • General resources such as special education organizations and interest groups

Federal Government: - the U.S. Dept of Education - The site takes time because it is big, but it is loaded with useful resources. Many can get to the nut quicker with this next one. - the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, Office of Special Education Programs - It deals extensively with disability and rehabilitive services. Many areas are in depth. - the U.S. Department of Justice - It can be a good resource for information on the ADA, FOIA, Federal Court decisions, and more. It has a good list of links. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility guidelines for buildings and facilities; play areas.  (If a password box appears, click cancel until the site loads).

State of Michigan: - the Michigan Dept. of Education - This is a good starting point for general information. It includes legislation, programs, resources, and a lot more. It also has a very good page of links. - the Office of Special Education Services - It is extensive, up to date, and, over all, very useful for special education professionals.

General Resources: - Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center - Comprehensive information source on the ADA. - The Council for Exceptional Children - This is probably the single most extensive information source for children with disabilities. It has an extensive page of well organized links. - Learning Disabilities Association - This source has a very good page of resources and is a pretty good general source. Has position statements and legislative up-dates. - National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities - This is a good resource with a number of helpful links. Has referral information. - This site reflects a private schools orientation, but has many resources that are useful for any special education professional. Has a number of links for parents. - Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights - One of the largest parent-oriented organizations. For families of children and adults with disabilities. Some resource information. - Parents Helping Parents ~ This is another example of the parent oriented site. From News to a Community Calendar to Support Groups, this is a good site to put parents in touch with "Special" resources.

http://www.dreamms - DREAMMS for Kids, Inc. (Developmental Research for the Effective Advancement of Memory and Motor Skills) - A Non-profit Information Clearinghouse on Assistive Technology. - National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System - Focuses on Part C (formerly Part H) services to children birth to 3 years. Provides a listing of state Part C Coordinators, position papers, information on early childhood programs, and other helpful resources.